Fire Damage Restoration Services in Lakeland, Florida


Fires can cause extensive damage to a home or commercial property. Even in less intense situations, the smoke can cause severe damage and deterioration of materials. The effects of a fire event can linger and pose concerns far after the event has subsided. Smoke can seep through porous materials, causing extensive damage and unpleasant smells that will linger. Smaller fires can even produce soot damage, a black, powdery substance left when items do not completely burn.

Our technicians in Lakeland, Florida are certified and trained in handling any level of fire damaging event. Whether you need assistance clearing out smoke damage, soot damage, or need extensive assistance after a major fire, our technicians are ready and available to help you. United Water Restoration Group of Lakeland consists of an extensive network of vetted professionals. This extensive network allows our company and technicians to play a key role during every step of the fire damage restoration process. We act as a one-stop-shop for your fire damage restoration process.

Upon contact, we can have a technician sent to your property in as little as an hour. Once on-site, we can determine the need for emergency repairs. If necessary, our technicians will administer emergency repairs such as tarping or boarding up windows exposed to outside elements.

Fire damage can be extensive and may require reconstruction efforts to assist in returning your property back to its normal state. While the fire department may be able to stop the fire, they can’t help prevent further damages or clean up the aftermath of their services. Typically removing water is not unheard of in these types of scenes. Once we’re able to remove water, we focus on the obstacles and most severely damaged materials. Our technicians can administer sanitization and other practices that help erase noticeable signs of damage and lingering scents.

At United Water Restoration Group of Lakeland, our technicians can assist with every step of the fire damage restoration process. We even have support staff who can assist you with your insurance process!


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"Josh Harmon was the technician that came to assist us, and he was very transparent. Josh always kept in contact with everything regarding our situation."
"The employes were very friendly and extremely knowledgeful of the work they performed!"