Disinfecting & Cleaning Services Lakeland, Florida


Our office in Lakeland, Florida can also help businesses and homes with our cleaning and disinfecting services. Our disinfecting and cleaning services can assist residential and commercial properties alike. For a homeowner seeking to safely cater to a social gathering, these services can add a layer of protection that helps stop outbreaks before or after their event. 

Our disinfecting and cleaning services can be utilized to add a layer of protection to businesses after a regular day of foot traffic. These services help eliminate potentially harmful substances, such as allergens, irritants, pollutants, and harmful pathogens. Pathogens like the common cold or flu play a present concern in nearly every home or business. Once a person comes through carrying the pathogen, knowingly or unknowingly, it can easily spread amongst people in the property. 

Our cleaning services also provide a much-needed respite from typical irritants and allergens that accumulate naturally throughout the year. Ridding a property of these substances can help greatly improve the overall air quality in a building as well as remove the potential threat of an allergic reaction. 

Our technicians in Lakeland, Florida have a flexible schedule. Allowing you to schedule an appointment at a time that is most convenient to your home or business. While we administer our cleaning and disinfecting services, our technicians follow all EPACDC, and OSHA guidelines. All products used by our technicians are approved by the EPA.

During our disinfecting and cleaning services our technicians in Lakeland, Florida will carefully go through your property and provide a thorough, deep, encompassing clean that helps erase the problems that may arise due to the potentially harmful substances that we specifically target.

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"We had a water overflow, Josh Harmon came out within an hour, was professional and very knowledgeable. Will recommend him and the company to anyone. Thanks."
"JOSH HARMON was very friendly very nice and likes to work with is Customers and help them out he has the best Service that I have ever seen"